About Us

  • BUSINESS  We are a Cameroonian law firm, specializing in services, security, sale of computer equipment, video surveillance, electricity, maintenance and troubleshooting.A determined potential in the technical profession dispersed throughout the territory and internationally ready to do everything  to write the story of their generation.Thus, KEVASHOPS brings dynamism and rigor in all its services and a strong hand in the quality of the products, representing companies such as HIKVISION, GIGASET, SAMSUNG, HP, CANON, DELL, ERICSSON, KASPERSKY etc.In the same launch, we have set up KEVASHOPS which is a sales platform accessible to all people even small businesses in order to give the opportunity to anyone wanting to give visibility to its potential.

Founded by young people on a fair consensus because of the same findings that are those to put into practice various knowledge, so we have among others Computer Engineers, Accountant and some civil society

Televisions :

Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Philips, etc.

Auto, Motorbike :

Automotive, Automotive Accessories, Auto Parts

Home Equipements :

Appliances, furnitures, decorations, maintenance, painting etc …

Music :



Fugures :

Since it’s a start, we can not yet have sales, many customers … but we could talk about partners


What are the offers offered by the site: